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Windbooster 2-Mode Throttle Controller - Dragon Version
Wind booster 2-Mode Throttle Controller - Dragon & Green Version
Wind booster 2-Mode Throttle Controller - Dragon & Green Version can control electronic throttle response speed freely. It can accelerate the response speed of the throttle to enhance the instantaneous speed performance; and can also slow down the throttle response speed to incre.
To be able to adjust Sp, Eco and No models.
To be able to adjust Sp and Eco mode section.
To be able to preset sits of  Sp and Eco mode.
Ten progress bar displays.
No external power supply
No initialize settings, plug and play
Wind booster 2mode dragon version, the coalition of wind booster electronic accelerator and wind booster 4-mode throttle controller red version.

Wind booster 2-mode dragon version is a upgrade version of the wind booster electronic accelerator. It can be the best choice for customers who want sensitive throttle response, screen control board and low price. Wind booster 2 mode dragon version is defined as a collection of the advantages of electronic accelerator and 4-mode throttle controller red version, to have lower price and screen. It’s modes setting is by pressing menu on controller board, while electronic accelerator by pressing the gas pedal board. It is more convenience and easy. 

Sports Mode

Sports mode is standard sports mode, it can speed up the throttle response speed to advance the instantaneous accelerating performance and explosive force. The Vehicle speed bowed, doubled enjoyment in driving .

Note:  It  has 9 sections to be adjusted in motion mode sports mode, and the athletic effect is much weaker than ECO mode.

Fuel-efficient Mode ECO

Eco model is fuel-efficient mode, this model can save fuel, but throttle's response speed reduce somewhat than the Car max, by plus, minus button to adjust the sensitivity in this mode, until reaching appropriate value you think.

Note: ECO fuel-saving mode has 9 stages adjustable.