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WIND BOOSTER Touch throttle controller
The WIND BOOSTER Touch throttle controller can freely control the response speed of the electronic throttle. It can not only speed up the throttle response speed to enhance the instantaneous speed performance but also can slow down it to increase driving comfort and save oil.
The Touch version
Switch mode and change the fine-tuning by touching with our fingers.
Mode switch: slide your finger up and down for switching mode;
Upward sliding: EC, No, P1, P2, P3.
Downward slide: P3 to Ec. fine-tuning: sliding to the right is increasing. Sliding left is decreasing.
The AT, MT mode switch: touch the AT, MT chars for 2-3 seconds.
Star the screen: slide fingers gently and star the screen.
Turn to flashy car at a once.
Movement patterns P1, P2, P3.adjust the throttle parameters of ECU; improve the throttle sensitivity; speed up the throttle response; raise speed instantly.
P1——sport mode. Increase the sensitivity, reduce the start shaking.
P2——super sport mode. To speed up the throttle response, accelerateat a once . A Good Overtaking tool
P3——racing mode. The strongest acceleration response . Passion is everywhere, Suitable for racing.