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Wind booster throttle controller 2S
Windbooster9-mode ultra-thin 2S intelligent version
9-mode ultra-thin 2S intelligent version
1.Band new intelligent upgrade, a driving smart steward
2.Intelligent display screen
3.Intelligent light control
4.Intelligent mode I-AUTO
5.OLEOD light material
6.I-AUTO intelligent mode
  • It can adjust the throttle aperture according to the driver habit in order to offer the best acceleration response for driver
  • If the driver is accustomed to the force, the acceleration response will be faster
  • If the driver is accustomed to the gentleness, the acceleration response will be slower
  • You have no worries toadjust modes
  • Besides, it will reduce the throttle aperture and slow down the acceleration response when you reverse
  • It can be clearly displayed in any intensity of light
  • 10 kind of the driving mode:
    • Fuel-saving mode
    • Original car mode
    • Sport mode 
    • Super sport mode
    • Competitive mode
    • Intelligent mode
    • I-AUTO intelligent mode
    • Choose mode
  • A good way to speed up:
    • 3 kind of sport style
    • Sport model
    • Adjust the ECU throttle controller parameters, upgrade throttle sensitivity and accelerate throttle speed, adjust ECU throttle control acceleration, upgrade throttle dynamic response
    • Enhance explosive of the vehicle instantaneous speed by increasing throttle response speed
    • The competitive mode: the strongest speed up the throttle sensitivity, reduce start hysteresis
  • Super sport mode:
    • Accelerate throttle response, enhance explosive of the vehicle instantaneous speed, a good way to overtake
    • Econ fuel-saving mode 
    • A gentle acceleration, improved comfort, reduce the throttle acceleration response at utmost, fuel-saving and environmental protection
    • Original car mode
    • Turn off additional function, restore to the original car mode immediately
  • Usage details:
    • Press M key can change the mode
    • Long press can change the manual transmission mode or auto transmission mode
    • Short press M key can change the driving style