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Speedmeter Gauge
Wind Booster's Speedmeter Gauge reads the vehicle speed numeric value.We can set the Maximum speed .when the car speed nearly up to it the gauge will remind us.
Wind Booster's Speedmeter Gauge features an alogna display with a red digital LED readout, which will give you an easy to read LED numerical display. It reads the vehicle speed numeric value  extremely accurately, ensuring your truck’s vital parts are functioning properly.
Wind Booster’s guage support OBD read parameters, and also can read the parameters through the sensor.The gauge of OBD and sensor can be conencted. Wind BoosterOBD provide turbine pressure, fuel pressure, inlet pressure, oil pressure, battery voltage, speed, exhaust temperature, water temperature, oil temperature, inlet temperature, air-fuel ratio of the car gauge. These different kinds of gauges can be connection in series and switch on original car through OBD cable . Due to the original car OBD limited, it is recommended that the series gauges are not more than 5 .
·         Rugged reliable performance
·         Precision movement and extreme accuracy