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Brake Discs
Brake Discs
Windbooster Brake Discs utilise state of the art materials and design techniques to offer the optimum performance / cooling characteristics. Windbooster range of Solid & Ventilated Brake Discs have been developed with the benefit of our unparalleled experience in racing brake technology to respond to the severe demands encountered under competition conditions.
Windbooster operate a continuous product improvement policy on brake discs, using feedback from in-house dynomometer and track testing. Design, materials and machining
The Search Goes On
Always at the forefront of innovation, we never stop in our quest for the very latest new developments in disc technology for original equipment and OES. As a result, our aftermarket organization benefits of the latest technology transfer. Our product development division has created a portfolio of technical solutions to ensure that you can offer the most up to date products to your customers.
 We have a number of innovative products in the range including:
·   Black Painted Brake Discs, an industry first (and widest range), providing increased corrosion resistance and performance.
·   High Carbon Discs providing improved damping behaviour, greater stability and better performance for enhanced cars.
All Round Safety
Windbooster has studied the driving and braking characteristics of cars and commercial vehicles for over 8 years. Because we produce every type of vehicle safety solution, we know how they should all work together to protect the passengers inside. That is why we design and build our discs to be a balanced part of the braking dynamic.
You Want It Quick And Easy
Windbooster strives to make the fitting and servicing of all our products as simple and as quick as possible. This is one of the reasons we introduced the Black painted range, where the mechanics do not need to clean the discs before fitting.  And we deliver a wide range of discs together with fitting screws so that old, worn and corroded fixings never have to be re-used and the installers have all they need in a box.To make life easier, the discs with bearings allow the mechanics to replace worn discs with exactly the same specification as the OE disc.
Tighter Tolerances
Windbooster Aftermarket believes that our customers deserve the best. That is why we don’t compromise on raw material or on machining tolerances. All our castings are made of GG20 material or GG15HC for High Carbon. In addition, three other machining tolerances are important: the DTV: Disc Thickness Variation does not exceed 0,012mm; the Run Out 0,03 mm; and the central hole is according to H8 norm.